Deirdre Mirjami Donoghue


I am Finnish-Irish, mother of two, married to a wonderful Dutch man and living in The Netherlands since 2004. I speak English, Finnish, Dutch and basic French.

Working as a Doula is one of the most rewarding and meaningful things for me as a woman and a mother and it is a role that beautifully combines all of my other interests and roles, both private and professional. I am passionate about the interactive movement between the birthing bodies of mother and baby, as well as the partner present at labour. My wish is to guide, support and empower the mother-to-be through the emotional and physical stages of labour so that she can have a birth experience which is not only filled with the most up-to-date medical knowledge, but also love, care and respect. I view labour as a life event where not only a baby, but also a mother and a father are being born. In my approach I always make the woman and her specific situation and history the starting point. The mother-to-be and her personal story are on the foreground and I take the lead from her. In other words, each birth relationship is personalised and starts from a commitment to work as a team with the mother and her whole birthing team.

Also a member of The Legacy of Love Doulas , a program by the m/other voices foundation offering free (means tested) nationwide doula services for lone parents, low-income families and asylum seekers in need.